Disaster Link offers water damage repair

Owner, Marc Faseler’s passion for this business comes from a very personal experience.

During a routine installation of a soft water system in his home, the workers were soldering copper plumbing when the torch flame sparked.

Paper and part of the wood slats caught on fire and burnt up the electrical main which was 3 feet away from the work area. Marc and his son were in the house, and he mentioned to the workers that he smelled smoke. They mentioned that they were putting out a small flame. Upon going back inside, he still smelled smoke and realized that more smoke was coming out of the master bedroom. Marc went back outside, and at this point, the workers had realized that the fire had spread to the attic rafters.They went to turn on the hose and water shot out because the loop had been cut resulting in no accessible water to put out the fire. They quickly called the fire department which fortunately showed up within 5 minutes, but by this time, black smoke was coming out of the attic. Thankfully, the fire was extinguished and everyone was safe, but Marc and his family were left with the damage and the difficult process of recovering from one of the most hard-hitting disasters.

As he managed this unsettling life-event

Which included finding and moving to temporary housing, he realized there was a missing link in the service.

He was given-the personal touch. Fortunately, Marc was self-employed and was able to personally manage contractors throughout the process, however, not everyone can afford to take time off of work to manage these disasters that upset the natural rhythm of life.

After his house was fully rebuilt, Marc started Disaster Link because he knew he could make a difference in people’s lives. He wants to help you, the homeowner, or you, the business owner recover quickly from these types of disasters. His intimate knowledge of not only the structural recovery from disaster, but also the personal recovery, makes Disaster Link the best choice when you need help.

Disaster Link is considered a leader in the industry due to extensive knowledge, training and experience in restoration, water damage repair, environmental remediation and reconstruction of varying types of disasters. Disaster Link is a one-stop-shop for your recovery needs, and makes sure you get back to life as you knew it, pre-disaster.

Disaster Link handles projects of all sizes and scopes.

Fully equipped to handle small restoration projects in private residences such as water damage repair to major losses of commercial structures.

• 24-hour emergency services
• 30 minute quick response
• Free, complimentary estimates
• Competitive Pricing
• Direct Insurance Billing
• Fully Licensed & Certified
• State-of-the-art, industry standard equipment
• Personalized service

Types of Projects/Customers

• City/County municipalities
• Commercial Properties
• Private Residences
• Financial institutions
• General Contractors
• Government Agencies
• Healthcare Institutions
• Hospitality
• Industrial Properties
• Retail Outlets
• Schools/Universities
• Apartment Buildings