contingency services

Disaster Link recommends that commercial business owners and property managers proactively prepare for disaster.

Creating a contingency plan is a necessary measure to minimize loss and guarantee that your business and employees recover quickly.

It’s your plan of action if disaster strikes! We work closely with you and your insurance agency to determine the coverage for all types of disaster. Within that framework, a plan and contractual agreement is assembled and held for immediate reference in case an unforeseen event occurs on your property. There is no fee for our Contingency services, and the small amount of time spent proactively planning for disaster recovery gives companies peace of mind in knowing exactly how each potential disaster will be handled.

Contact Disaster Link right away to secure your Contingency Plan, so that the second disaster strikes, recovery begins with a simple phone call.

The Process

Contact Disaster Link for an initial consultation.

In the meeting, we discuss your property and potential issues that will result from disaster. Your concerns are addressed, and you are given information on the recovery process.

Disaster Link tours the property with you to identify important features that will aid in recovery, i.e, exact measurements, types of machinery, water main locations, structure analysis, equipment analysis, etc.

Insurance coverage is reviewed.

An agreement between Disaster Link and your company is secured including a cost-analysis for each type of disaster. Companies that hold a Contingency Plan receive discounted pricing based on pre-determined rates.